FUNFETTI PUPPY CHOW. Told ya can’t stop won’t stop with the funfetti recipes but…


FUNFETTI PUPPY CHOW. Told ya can’t stop won’t stop with the funfetti recipes😅 but I’m thinking you’ll thank me for this one👇🏻

We got your classic  but we leveled it up with a creamy mixture using  vanilla frosting and white chocolate chips, and finished it off with a 50/50 blend of  powdered stevia and traditional powdered sugar.

And they said making it healthy couldn’t be done😏 the only problem with this recipe is people will keep asking you for more! I know because I brought it to a family function🤣
•5.5 cups Chex rice cereal
•1/2 cup  vanilla frosting
•3/4 cup  vanilla chocolate chips
•1 tsp almond extract
•1 tbsp coconut oil
• powdered sugar and  powdered stevia to taste
•rainbow sprinkles!

1. Measure your cereal, put in a large mixing bowl, and set aside.
2. In a small saucepan over the LOWEST heat (no burning!) combine the chocolate, frosting, coconut oil, and almond extract. Mix until melted.
3. Pour the chocolate mixture over the cereal, mixing the cereal (carefully) until evenly coated.
4. Transfer cereal to a large ziploc bag, and sprinkle powdered sugar and stevia until coated to your preference, and sprinkle on as many sprinkles as you want! Shake the bag to evenly cover.
5. Transfer to a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper and allow to cool/solidify before serving or storing.
6. ENJOY!🥳

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